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Foot Maintenance Treatment – it’s what we do best

It is true that when we are young, we take our bodies for granted. But as we advance in years, signs of wear & tear can emerge. Just like our eyesight, our hearing & our teeth, our feet can also benefit from regular care & attention. This is where we come in….

At Street Feet, although we can’t wave a magic wand to issue you a brand-new pair of feet, what we can do is professionally attend to the ones you currently own. Foot Maintenance Treatment (known as FMT) is all about keeping your feet in tip-top condition, by skilfully managing your toenails (& any nail issues you may have) & sorting out any painful or problematic lumps & bumps (such as corns, calluses, cracks or dryness, for example).

But before we do that, we need to do a Risk Factor Assessment

As Podiatrists, before we can treat your feet, we have to be fully aware of any risk factors you may have. These can be anything that can have a detrimental impact on your feet & can range from the effects of footwear or stockings, to the functioning of the individual systems in your feet, such as the bones, the blood flow & the nerves. It also relates to the impact of any medical conditions, such as High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Arthritis.

Our Risk Factor Assessment (known as RFA) is best viewed as an MOT for your feet – something that is undertaken once a year & is designed to identify/monitor any concerns or issues.

As Podiatrists, for us to safely treat your feet, we have to fully be aware of any risk factors you may have…

But why should I choose a home-visiting Podiatrist?

Home visits have always been an extremely popular facet to our business. Although we may not be able to offer technical or invasive treatments, the delivery of Foot Maintenance Treatments & Risk Factor Assessments, lends itself very well to a home setting. Many folks appreciate the privacy & having the burden of physically getting to a clinic or health centre removed. Having someone visit them at home, especially if they have pain or mobility problems, can be a real blessing. It is also potentially safer in the modern climate of Coronavirus.